The Rhap: Free From Everything Food

Lots of meals via the gram from the past few weeks which are inaccurately represented because let’s be real my diet at this point is 60% acai bowls anyway.  Apparently that’s what happens when you’re on a hardcore elimination diet that strips you of your favorite food groups (RIP tahini) and replaces them with a shit ton of supplements that taste like kool-aid.  I think. I can’t actually confirm what kool-aid tastes like but if it’s sweet berry nastiness then bingo.  Luckily I already feel 100x better so if cheese and almonds could reappear in my life that’d be good thanks.

So the food!

IMG_3100Cafe Gratitude’s turmeric latte on repeat bc anti-inflammatory all day everyday- dates, hemp, hot water, turmeric, sea salt, cinnamon and vanilla blended until frothy.  Weirdly latte li IMG_3134

Crumbled apricot/quinoa super seed granola bars, freeze dried strawberries and bananas, cashew milk, plums


Stovetop buckwheat granola, frozen berries, hemp milk

IMG_3104Quinoa pilaf, mixed greens, cucumber/tomato salad, sprouts, roasted butternut and cauliflower, sunbutter sauce.  All the Cava cravings.

IMG_3168Panfried plantains, shredded green cabbage w/ lime/salt/honey/olive oil, mango avocado salsa and jerk cod from SK Bowl+Spoon, bao-nnaise (screenshot-ed the recipe during a feedfeed snapchat takeover.  S’good.)

IMG_3126 Avocado, creole tomatoes + bao-nnaise, both with chili flakes, evoo, flaky sea salt on sprouted quinoa/buckwheat/millet toast- recipe for bread coming soon too.  As soon as I, like, measure stuff.

IMG_3198 Zucchini turkey burger, crazy good kimchi daikon, toasted cashews, eggplant fries w/ herbs and nutritional yeast, ketchup on arugula

IMG_3208 Sugar snap peas, cheesy kale chips (garlic powder, nutritional yeast, s+p), honey mustard sauce (raw honey, dijon, spicy brown, sunbather, ACV, H20)

IMG_3214Acai bowl (recipe coming soon, swear), himalayan buckwheat clusters, bluebs

IMG_3232 1/2 baby tuscan cantaloupe, frozen blackberries/banana, raisins, hemp hearts, cacao nibs, maca sunbutter sauce (obsessed? maybe?)

IMG_3238Steamed sweet potato, blackberries, chis pudding, figs, himalayan buckwheat clusters, date syrup inspired by Jeannette.  Weirdly insanely amazing on repeat.

Also on repeat: GKS’s new smoothie book, which is seriously the bestest smoothie/juice book ever hands down, Amy Chaplin’s soaked oats (I use toasted rolled quinoa)   with flax and chia- v good, as is everything in her cookbook, and the Twix Bars from Taline’s app Hippie Lane which made my life because they’re a. elimination diet friendly b. involve macadamias, c. like top 5 favorite desserts.  Also, no bake!

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