Cooking from Print + 12 Recipes I’ve Made and Loved This Month

Meera Soda's Masala Chai, Latte-dWhenever I sit down to write these roundups I’m struck by how clear it is, the sites and books that I frequent most.  I mean jeez, I’m basically single-handedly cooking my way through My New Roots and Green Kitchen Stories archives.  Habits aside, these are some of my favorite recipes of the past month (read more about Cooking from Print here)  that I think you’d be crazy not to try too.  If you’re not sunning yourself on a beach somewhere try them out and report back.  We can compare notes like the food dorks we (I) are.

  1. Dolly and Oatmeal’s Crunchy Sweet Potato Lunch Bowl with Golden Dressing I toasted the sweet potatoes in ghee and paprika before adding the oats, and made a double batch of the dressing.  Because it is that good.
  2. David and Luise’s Mediterranean Five Grain Rainbow Salad Roasted sunchokes! Red grapes!  If nothing else, do it for the buffalo mozzarella.  Why buffalo milk is expensive in America I will never understand, but I got over it and made this salad (twice!) because it’s amazing.  I use Ashley’s three grain blend and Jeanine’s hemp pesto and it’s perfectly lovely.
  3. Deb’s Nolita Style Avocado Toast (which I made not on seven-grain sandwich bread, but whatever it was worth it).
  4. Bon Appetit’s Perfect Roast Chicken Thighs These happen at least once a month but I don’t think I’ve ever shared them on here and that needed to be addressed immediately.  Use avocado oil (or even ghee) to avoid the ambiguous vegetable oil.
  5. Sarah B’s Bircher Museli with Spiced Strawberry Sauce went down when I thought temperatures were finally on the rise.  Turns out they’re not, but breakfast was still bomb.
  6. As soon as the sun comes out I rediscover smoothies for the first time in months.  March meant making this Sesame Orange Shake (in which I learned you can blend a spoonful of tahini and water if you forget to soak sesame) on repeat
  7. Also this Banana Cacao Shake 
  8. And this Green Recovery Shake, because an hour of Buti deserves nothing less.
  9. In my perpetual attempt to master Indian food I bought Made in India and Meera’s Masala Chai was the first (of many) to be made.  Not gonna lie, masala chai+dates+ice+almond milk is pretty sweet move
  10. Sarah’s Cocoa Coconut Bites are so. good. Bake them just like she says and you’ll be set for life.
  11. This Blood Orange and Mixed Bean Salad also graced the Easter table, and even though I’m the only one who ate it (see: cilantro, legumes not in humos) everyone appreciated it’s instagramability
  12. This Tropical Coconut Rice Pudding, done up with wild rice because that’s how we (again I) roll.  See the gram.<-


Hey, hey! Tomorrow might also-probably-likely be my birthday so be on the lookout for a cake up in here pretty soon (!!)

Alphonso Mangoes are in season (re: the ‘gram, the rice pudding, etc.) and yeah, they’re a dollar a piece at Whole Foods, but hit up your local Indian Market- we have the coolest ever Patel’s- for less monies, more mangoes, and a frozen lassi filled freezer/summer

For everyone who asked about magnesium, this is the supplement I take.  No additives, no flavors, not-entirely-pleasant citrus flavor, but extremely effective.  Comes in on the go packs too which is both odd and cool

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