Lots of meals via the gram from the past few weeks which are inaccurately represented because let’s be real my diet at this point is 60% acai bowls anyway.  Apparently that’s what happens when you’re on a hardcore elimination diet that […]

The Rhap: Free From Everything Food

Meera Soda's Masala Chai, Latte-d
Whenever I sit down to write these roundups I’m struck by how clear it is, the sites and books that I frequent most.  I mean jeez, I’m basically single-handedly cooking my way through My New Roots and Green Kitchen Stories […]

Cooking from Print + 12 Recipes I’ve Made and Loved ...

Meera Soda's Masala Chai, Latte-d
 I’m dreaming of Jaipur.  Seriously, dreaming it was Holi (it was!) and I was in Jaipur and the Pink City was beautiful and everything was beautiful in the way that India is magical and heartbreaking.  But far away destinations aside, my love affair […]

Meera Sodha’s Chai, Latte-d

roasted peach and lemon verbena ice pops- creamy,  dreamy, and slightly herb-y
Spring food is my thing.  Between the Solstice, my birthday, Easter, Spring Holidays, the longer days, the alignment of the moon- whatever, I kind of super seriously dig Spring food.  More than that though, Spring makes me want to cook again.  So […]

A Roundup: Spring Things